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With interest rates at historic lows and new lending procedures designed to help the consumer, now is a great time to buy. A few guidelines to simplify the process:

  • Have a Game Plan - Understand what you want, what you need and what you can afford. Set realistic goals and be prepared to compromise on minor details when the right opportunity presents itself.

  • Get Prequalified - Having a prequalification letter from your lender can be the difference when it comes to having your offer accepted. Sellers want to know that potential buyers are capable of getting the deal done. What a buyer thinks they can afford and what a lender says they will lend can be two different things.
  • Seek Guidance - Your agent, your lender and the title company all play a vital role in bringing about a successful transaction. Make sure your agent is willing to guide you through the process and coordinate all parties throughout the process.

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A few things your agent can help you with when you are thinking of selling:

  • Pricing - Have your agent present you with recent sales of comparable properties in your neighborhood. Factors to consider include:

    • Location
    • Size and layout
    • Upgrades and amenities
    • Overall condition

  • Preparation - Now is not the time to put on an addition to bring added value to the home. Simple things like a coat of paint, patching holes in the wall or fixing a leaky faucet can be the touches that give you an edge on your competitor. Remove as much clutter as possible and make the beds daily for all showings.

  • Showing the Property - Trust your agent to show the home. Buyers make decisions based on emotion and can feel intimidated when a seller begins to push all of the great things about their property.

  • Taking Offers - Your agent is responsible for doing what is in your best interest. Make sure your agent presents all offers to you and makes sure that all offers have the ability to purchase your home. Prequalification letters or proof of funds are essential.

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Search our site to find the rental property you desire. Renters can generally expect the following requirements:

  • Proof of income
  • Background Check (credit and/or criminal)
  • References
  • First month's rent and two months security

Some landlords or associations may work with you on some of the above requirements. A previous eviction, poor credit, or lack of previous work or rental history may require an increased deposit upfront. Call Don Hughes at (954) 649-0654 for any questions you have regarding finding a rental property in your area.